Zac Haluza

I'm a full-stack developer in NYC who loves building apps with React and JavaScript.

About Me


Front End: React | Redux | JavaScript | HTML5 / CSS3 | Sass | Bootstrap

Back End: Node.js | Express | MongoDB | PostgreSQL | MySQL

Testing: Jest | Enzyme | Mocha & Chai


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Shortly | URL Shortener

Interactive site for a fictional URL shortening company. Main page features a fully functional URL shortener.

React JavaScript Sass Restful API Mobile First

CageFlix | Movie Database

An interactive database of more than 80 Nicolas Cage films. Results can be filtered by decade, genre, rating, and instances of Cage Rage. Data drawn from an internal JSON file.

React JavaScript Sass JSON

Newsfeed | Searchable News

An up-to-date news resource. Lets users filter their news by category. All data fetched from News API.

React JavaScript Sass RESTful API

Geometrics | Animated Sign-In

UI with mock sign-in. Geometric background animates to "reward" user's actions in stylized sign-in form. Styled sign-in form inspired by Material-UI framework. Form uses asynchronous JavaScript to simulate sign-in and sign-up experiences.

JavaScript Sass HTML5

Doggo Finder | Randomized Photo Feed

Shows user a randomly selected picture of any inputted dog breed. Breed autosuggestions display to match user input.


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